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Spadają liście, spadają i ceny - Łap posezonowe okazje
”A great combo for trailrunners, hikers and all outdoor types!”
Jens - Category Management Team, Head of Outdoor

Product Of The Month




When you have an office job, getting enough exercise can be tricky. Achieving some sort of balance means squeezing in a gym class or training session around your weekly work hours, or at the very least getting out into nature on the weekend. However, if you’re lucky enough to have the right terrain right on your doorstep then pretty much anything is possible. Some bike to work, others pull their running shoes on for a quick morning jog before heading in. Jens from our Category Management team likes doing both. At CAMPZ he makes sure that our Outdoor range stays bang up to date and meets the needs of all of our customers.

As a passionate cyclist and trail runner, Jens understands precisely what is required from high-quality sportswear and what works best in all weather conditions. For our product of the month, he tested the adidas' Terrex Agravic GTX trail running shoes and Terrex Agravic Alpha windbreaker. This waterproof shoe and windproof jacket seem like the perfect match for the changeable, dingy weather of autumn. Whether Jens would agree after testing them, he reveals here.

I take my road bike to and from work in almost every type of weather. On the weekend or during holidays, I regularly swap my bike for a pair of running shoes. I love to hit the mountain roads and have a real passion for trail running. The chance to test these adidas trail running shoes and running jacket came along at exactly at the right time – I was just about to head to South Tyrol for two weeks’ holiday. Here I’d have the right terrain right in front of my nose and plenty of opportunities to really put these pieces through their paces.

First Impressions

Before I even had the shoes and jacket in my hands I checked out the tech features of both. The shoes in particular come with a lot of interesting details. The GORE-TEX membrane should ensure dry and well-ventilated feet. adidas Boost technology is designed to not only cushion impacts but also offer maximum energy return. The Terrex Agravic GTX has a super-grippy rubber outsole with an aggressive profile, designed by the tyre experts at Continental. When the shoes were finally on my desk, they immediately made a great impression. They were pleasingly light, fit well and on top of everything else, they also looked great.

The Terrex Agravic Alpha wind jacket also makes an equally convincing first impression on paper and in the hand. The windbreaker is made from thin yet robust Pertex Quantum material and immediately impresses with its minimal weight. In addition, it packs down to a very compact size and easily fits into its own pocket – super practical for the road! It’s only at a second glance that the different material applied to the back and front catches your eye. Adidas calls this technology ‘bodymapping’ as specific fabrics are used to best meet the needs of different zones of your body during exercise. By this point I was really curious to how the shoes and jacket would perform in South Tyrol.

The actual Test

On my very first test run I noted the superb fit of the adidas Terrex Agravic shoes. Their narrow cut offered me optimal hold in the upper shoe – perfect for runs over uneven, changing surfaces.

Running over hill and dale, the Conti sole’s soft rubber and coarse studs offered a secure, non-slip tread. The grip was really impressive even in the rain and over wet and muddy surfaces! Thanks to the GORE-TEX membrane, my feet stayed dry the whole time. The climate inside the shoe remained balanced throughout – so my feet were neither too warm nor too cold. The advertised BOOST technology in the Terrex Agravic’s sole was felt as a little extra support, particularly when walking uphill. I’d like it if the shoes came with a quick-lacing system that would considerably simplify getting them on and off. Reflectors would also be a welcome addition, but the Terrex Agravic shoes still put in a great performance. Finally we have a waterproof sneaker made for running sessions in the darker autumn and winter months!

The Terrex Agravic Alpha windbreaker made a great impression on me during this test. The thin, very light jacket can be taken everywhere thanks to its small pack-down size and integrated Pack-it-Pocket – so you never have to be without a wind breaker. It works well on mountain runs and would even provide decent wind protection during fast downhill rides on your bike.

I also appreciated the bodymapping material mix, which worked impressively in practice. The front panel of windproof, water-repellent fabric protected against wind and rain-induced cooling. Whilst the ultra-breathable stretch material on the back and sleeves allowed for comfortable temperature regulation. Thanks to the layer of Polartec Alpha insulation in the chest area, the Terrex Agravic windbreaker remained warm even when wet. The high collar and adjustable hood were very handy and provided reliable protection – especially during strong winds. My only point of criticism is – as with the shoes – the visibility. The jacket is a striking colour, but a few added reflectors would have been a nice touch.


The adidas Terrex Agravic jacket and shoes offer outdoor lovers the chance to get out in the open air and enjoy their favourite outdoor sports during the grey autumn months. The running shoes provide perfect hold and support across all surfaces and thanks to their GORE-TEX membrane, even wet environments mean dry feet. The jacket was a loyal companion on my trail runs, keeping me warm, dry and protected from the wind, whilst still providing enough ventilation at all times. Overall, a great combination for trail runners, hikers and just about anyone else looking to stay active outdoors in less than perfect weather.

adidas – Only the best for the best

The history of adidas began in 1924 in a small laundry room, where the brand’s first pairs of shoes were lovingly crafted. adidas founder Adi Dassler had a singular mission – to offer the best possible sports footwear to the world’s athletes. Fast forward to today and the German company is one of largest and most famous sportswear manufacturers in the world.


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